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1989 DDR Sieger Show

Sultan vom Schloss Cecilia
DDR 52753

The following are some of the 'V' rated males from the
1989 East German Sieger Show.
This was the last DDR Sieger Show.

Please be patient while photos load.

V1 Baldo vom Wolkenstien
This picture of Baldo was taken
after he came to the U.S..
Compared to this picture of him from the DDR.
you can see that the DDR pictures did
not do justice to the dogs at all!
V2 Zorro von der Bahrener Höhe
Zorro's DDR picture
Zorro in the U.S.
V3 Pitko vom Lentulo
Pitko in the U.S.
Pitko's DDR picture
V4 Boris vom Brandenstein
V5 Larry vom Zisawinkel
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