How to get benefits from your apparel sales on Amazon

Cloths are in high demand on Amazon and starting apparel sales on Amazon can boost your business.

There are many stories of people becoming successful through Amazon FBA. The growing market of Amazon is attracting new sellers because of the high profits generated by selling through this platform. This wonderful growth at Amazon is because of the trust of millions of people. Cloths are a highly demanded category on Amazon as according to Scribd there were almost $40 billion in clothes sales in 2020.You can sell apparel on Amazon in men’s, women and children’s clothing like shirts, pants, ties, gloves, scarfs, jackets, baby apparel, sports apparel like yoga pants, t-shirts, uniforms, and other related clothes to sports. Amazon is focused to increase apparel sales by encouraging new sellers in the marketplace.

While selling apparel on Amazon you need to market your products because there are hundreds of other sellers who have the same product as yours and you need to create a difference there. The marketing of your apparel can get high level when you turn the features of your products into benefits e.g.

  • Selling solid-colored products which are in high demand.
  • By using moisture-wicking material.
  • Stretchy Material for sports apparel.
  • Light material products are mostly purchased through Amazon.
  • Include sun protection like features

Fastest growing market

Amazon has over 300 million active users and they are increasing day by day. The demand for clothing products has increased since Covid-19 because people find it more comfortable to have their desired products at the doorstep. The daily professional routine of people has made their lives busy and it is hard for them to spare time to go shopping. Instead using an online shopping platform is their need and Amazon is the best to overcome this problem. According to,‘The 2019 U.S. forecast on Apparel Shopping Trends’ buyers’ views about apparel from Amazon were:

  • Low price products
  • Easy Returns
  • High-quality clothing
  • convenient to purchase the apparel.

That’s why the demand for online clothes is increasing on Amazon. According to ‘MCARTA’, more than 20% of users have shifted their online apparel selling business to Amazon which shows the trust of sellers on the site.

Encouragement for new sellers

Amazon is providingits pro subscription is just $39.9 per month which includes no listing fee so you can list unlimited products to increase your sales.They provide free coaching and tutorials to help out new sellers. Inventory management, communication, and advertisement are available through unified CRM. So, sell them on Amazon if you want benefits from online apparel selling.