What are Some Tips to Choose the Best Call Tracker?

The biggest advantage of investing in call trackers is that you measure and analyse calls from several online and offline marketing strategies. A recent study concluded that around 63% of web-related shopping or purchasing of services happen online.

This simple statistic explains that customers who start their research online usually end up purchasing items after clicking on online ads and then turning into phone calls.

It was also found that adding your contact information to your website also helped increase your overall sales conversion.

This was a brief about how you can increase your sales by adding contact information. But today, we will focus on some tips that help you find the best call tracker.

1- Define your number coverage

The main goal of the call tracker is to publish numbers across all your marketing strategies. If you plan to target a global audience, the professionals must give you phone numbers used in the country of your choice. This way, you utilise the call tracker, and you get your desired results.

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2- You get proper call recordings of conversations with clients and their transcriptions

If you get good call recording transcriptions, it gives you an insight into the clients’ mindset and their needs.

Once you start getting these transcriptions, you see a pattern, and you must quickly identify their needs and promote the products they want.

You can also give this information to other marketing teams, and they will keep this in mind while promoting your strategy.

3- It is an affordable option

The pricing of the services plays a crucial role when the campaign sizes need to be considered. Since the incoming calls go through the call tracker tools, choosing a solution that gives the best rate for phone numbers and minutes is advised.

The price of the phone numbers is crucial because when more phone numbers are used, it will automatically start raising the rates of your campaign, making it sometimes not affordable.

4- You can blend these other third-party services

You can get the best results when you combine the call tracking software with other tools that are used within the company. Always consider the best possibilities of combining call tracker tools with other tools.

The best example is when you combine call tracker tools with web analytics, you get an idea about the client’s call browsing history on that particular site. If the call tracker tools are combined with CRM, it can help you interpret the sales cycle of an offline lead.

5- You can easily customise the data usage flexibility

Every business uses data differently and separately that is best suited as per their needs. The needs of data usage of your company will be different from the data usage of other companies.

For instance, you can customise certain triggers such as screen pop-ups or CRM database lookups in call times. This ability helps you make the most use of call tracker tools.

Final thoughts

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